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Buying and Selling Information: A Guide for Information Professionals and Salespeople to Build Mutual Success

By Michael L. Gruenberg

Both sides of the negotiating table are represented in this practical and much-needed guide by Michael Gruenberg, a veteran of the electronic information field. With over 30 years selling information to a wide variety of libraries, Gruenberg’s time-tested tips, techniques, and strategies will be welcomed by both information professionals and sales professionals. The author’s personal stories are geared to helping librarians and salespeople understand what the “other guy” is grappling with in order to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone.

The insights and knowledge presented in Buying and Selling Information shed light on the importance of relationships, some harsh realities of the business world, and the “music” of the sales experience. This unique reference from an experienced sales professional and long-time friend of libraries is a must-read for buyers and sellers alike.

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ISBN 978-1-57387-478-6
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Book Reviews

Gruenberg has good advice to offer buyers and sellers of any product or service. He is a salesperson who ‘gets it’ or understands the need for buyers and sellers to work together for their mutual benefit, and for the benefit of their organizations. In his own words, “It’s all about equal footing, momentum, and success.”
– Kelly Barner, Managing Editor, Buyers Meeting Point

A good mentoring book for salespeople who sell to libraries and librarians. It explains many of the interactions salespeople have with library and information resource people, and how access to large datasets for libraries are negotiated. Full of short, pithy observations, each chapter has a recapitulation of the basic knowledge points….Recommended for libraries, librarians, and business people who market or sell to the information world. This is a good and lucrative investment if you fit into this world.
– R. Lee Hadden

This book has been designed to help both librarians and salespeople outthink and outperform their colleagues based on mutual benefit, and guide them through the process of successfully buying and selling information….To sum up, this easy-to-read-and understand book is a journey of experiences by Michael Gruenberg which in turn, adds a step-by-step guide to the literature on conducting successful impressive deals in the field of buying and selling information.
 Alireza Isfandyari-Moghaddam (Islamic Azad University, Hamedan Branch, Iran)

Compared with other resources for library workers on the subject of negotiation, Buying and Selling Information appears to be unique in its approach to the topic. Because Gruenberg is a salesperson, he spends an equal amount of time speaking to his fellow salespeople as he does to library workers. Because of this, each side gains a better understanding of the needs and expectations of the other. Most importantly, Gruenberg is very direct in his position that, while it takes two people to complete a sale, it is ultimately the library worker who will make the purchase and thus holds the power in the relationship.

As a profession, the idea that we hold the power is something we forget, often to our detriment. In my own experience working with salespeople, I have frequently found myself frustrated by a lack of progress or miscommunication. It was with this experience in mind that I began my reading of Buying and Selling Information. Much to my surprise, I saw opportunities to incorporate Gruenberg’s suggestions into my own work with vendors. While not always successful, I have found all of the advice to be helpful in some way when working with a salesperson, even if it is something as simple as taking 30 seconds to respond to an email or phone call to let them know when I have time to talk. Buying and Selling Information is a quick read that is full of practical advice for readers, and should be considered an important resource for anyone who wants to make the most of their collection budget.
 Jeff Mason, MLIS, Library Services, Public Health Ontario

Real life examples, a few figures and images, and a Knowledge Points section at the end of each chapter make the book easy to understand and follow. A well-written book….Recommended for libraries, librarians, sales professionals and other professionals in the field, as well as library science students to show them another aspect of this multifaceted field.
— Melissa Abo, MA, MLIS, MS, University of Minnesota Bio-Medical Library

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Mike is the embodiment of a mature and seasoned sales executive. He has that rare ability to establish an instant rapport with colleagues and customers and he is always focused on the customer’s needs.
Simon Beale, Senior VP, John Wiley & Sons
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