Mike Conducts WEBEX for SLA on Trade Show Effectiveness June 5,2012

 Program Description

Companies spend millions of dollars building booths, shipping expensive equipment to far-away cities, hosting events  and sending their personnel to trade shows throughout the world. Given the current economic conditions, many companies are wondering if attending these shows is really worth the expense.

Presenter Mike Gruenberg has attended countless trade shows both as a Senior Sales Executive and has been responsible for planning events at these shows, as well. Join us for the webinar Trade Shows – Ensuring  A Successful Event For Your Company; How To Achieve A Favorable ROI Using Simple and Effective Procedures. and make your conference experience a success. In this presentation, Mike will discuss the following:

Learning Objectives

  • Pre-Show Preparation  and Planning – Who’s going and why? What are the corporate goals and objectives? How is Marketing working hand-in-hand with Sales?
  • At the Show – Trade show etiquette; strategic placement of personnel at booth; role of senior executives at the show
  • After the Show – Acknowledging staff effort, reviewing results; understanding what was done right and what needs to be improved

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I have known Mike Gruenberg’s work at three different companies: OneSource, CambridgeScientific and ProQuest. Mike is an outstanding sales leader. He consistently exceeds his sales targets, developments long-lasting, productive relationships with his accounts, and, works extremely well with senior decision makers. He is hard-working, has the highest standards of integrity, and is well-liked by colleagues, his direct reports, and, customers. He is one of the very best sales leaders with whom I have worked in my professional career.

Marty Kahn, Former CEO, ProQuest
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