Mike Helps Data Provider Create Import/Export Product for Academic Libraries

Mike Gruenberg  just completed an assignment for a client who wanted to make export/import data available for University libraries and faculty members. Through market surveys and sales calls to key academic libraries, we determined that there is a need for reliable export/import data for students studying International Business. The new product was launched at the SLA meeting in Chicago in July 2012.

Datamyne to Debut New Product Version for Libraries at SLA 2012
Miami – July 15, 2012 – Datamyne announced that a new version of its Datamyne 2.0 trade data product, designed expressly for academic and business libraries, will be unveiled at the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Annual Conference & Info-Expo in Chicago, July 15 – 18.
The world’s largest searchable trade database, Datamyne is a top provider of information on cargo, markets and trading partners in the US, Latin America, EU and strategic markets in Asia and Africa.
“The SLA Info-Expo is the ideal setting to introduce Datamyne’s Libraries edition,” says Brendan McCahill, Datamyne’s CEO. “We’ve gathered more than 800 million records of cross-border transactions into a database that is easy to access, search and analyze for insights into trade patterns, market trends, economic cycles and industries’ performance.
“We’re thrilled to present our import-export data product to the information resource professionals of the SLA. We think they will appreciate its potential as a dynamic tool for academic and business research.”
Datamyne 2.0 for Libraries provides: authoritative, current, detailed data on the imports and exports of 49 countries (currently – the database continues to expand) historical data from previous years, for some countries as far back as 1996.
Datamyne Profiles, including business demographics, company background and trading activities, of companies engaged in US import trade; a range of tools for analyzing search results (including the ability to query, rank, filter, drill down, and total) and generating reports for download.
Datamyne is not only a primary source of vital market data for the global trade and transport sector, but a recognized provider of commercial intelligence for key vertical industries, such as energy, chemicals, ingredients, food and beverage, and commodities traders.
“Datamyne 2.0 for Libraries is the culmination of many years of practical application and refinement in business decision-support and economic research,” McCahill adds, “now in an easy-to-use version accessible to business students, academic researchers, policy makers and planners.”
Datamyne will be demonstrating 2.0 for Libraries at SLA 2012 Info-Expo Booth 2B.

About Datamyne
Founded in 1992 with the aim of clearly and accurately documenting import-export transactions in the Americas, Datamyne has since claimed a top-ranked position in the highly competitive US market for trade data.
Datamyne today offers the best value in business intelligence: easy access, with expert support, at an affordable price, to the world’s largest searchable trade database. Built and maintained by an international team, Datamyne covers the cross-border commerce of some 50 countries on 5 continents.
Learn more at www.datamyne.com.
Contact: Lisa Wallerstein
Vice President of Marketing, Datamyne


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I have had the pleasure to know and work with Mike for many years. He was an integral member of the team that contributed to the sales and revenue successes at CSA and ProQuest. He has an incredible work ethic and is willing to take on even the most daunting of challenges in a professional manner. He has been a success at every level of his sales and sales management career. I am most impressed with him as a “people person” who will always take the time to mentor and help the salespeople in our organization. Mike is a gifted writer contributing a monthly column about music to an online site for over eleven years and is a natural teacher. He is truly an asset to any organization that is lucky enough to engage his services. I highly recommend him.
Jim McGinty, Former Vice Chairman, Cambridge Information Group
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