Negotiating Tactics:Secrets from Both Sides of the Table at Charleston Conference

Mike and Colleagues Present a Valuable Program at This Years’ Charleston Conference


Mike Gruenberg along with Matt Dunie, President of Data Planet and Amelia Brunskill, Electronic Resources Librarian at DePaul University presented a program: Negotiating Tactics: Secrets from Both Sides of the Table at the Charleston Conference in November,2012.


Whether you are negotiating for new content or for an external vendor service, the outcome of these negotiations can vary considerably. The session explored both the library and vendor perspectives on what information and tactics can help ensure a more successful outcome for the negotiation process.

Ms. Brunskill presented a number of examples to illustrate what financial, and other, benefits can be achieved through negotiations. She discussed how an information professional can tailor their approach to a negotiation for a given product and provided suggestions for librarians who are new to the negotiation process.

Mike and Matt provided valuable insights into the vendor’s business model and its impact on the negotiation and provided some tips and tools on how to reduce surprises and achieve increased return on product investment with a better understanding of vendors’ motivations.

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I have known Mike for over 20 years in a variety of capacities. He is the consummate professional as a sales and relationship leader for complex deals and advanced electronic products. He is always strategic and keeps the customer’s needs at the forefront while ensuring that the business needs are met. It is a rare person in our industry who does not know and respect Mike.

Stephen Abram, Executive Director of the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries
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