Negotiation Skills WEBEX for Librarians


On September 19th, Mike conducted a WEBEX for SLA with Matt Dunie on Negotiating Skills with Vendors.  The title of the program was What Vendors Don’t Tell You When Negotiating Content and Technology Licenses.

We spoke to approximately 60 information professionals from the U.S., Canada and Europe.

 Description of the program:

Libraries purchase, license, lease or otherwise acquire all sorts of services from a variety of vendors. Whether the library is negotiating for content from a publisher or acquiring new technology or services from outside or related affiliate organizations, the staff responsible for budget and negotiations can ensure better results in terms of price and performance if they are armed with more knowledge, strategies, and tactics. The end result is more efficiency in a pressured budget situation, more clarity in products and service deliverables, reduction in renewal surprises, and increased competition among vendors which yields better products.

Information professionals are expected to negotiate with an array of vendors in relation to content, technology, equipment, terms & conditions, licensing, training and price. This session will help info pros understand the intricacies of the vendors’ business model including cost structure, sales costs and product implementation. 

Critical Learning Questions:

How can I be better prepared for the next negotiation?

What are the vendor’s business objectives, and how can I use that information in negotiations?

What external resources can help in the negotiation process?

Who does what, and why?

How can I sharpen my negotiation skills?

Who Should Attend?

Librarians and information professionals who interact with vendors, those who are responsible for negotiating on behalf of their information center or organization, and anyone who would like to be better informed about the negotiation and service/product implementation process.

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I have had the pleasure to know and work with Mike for many years. He was an integral member of the team that contributed to the sales and revenue successes at CSA and ProQuest. He has an incredible work ethic and is willing to take on even the most daunting of challenges in a professional manner. He has been a success at every level of his sales and sales management career. I am most impressed with him as a “people person” who will always take the time to mentor and help the salespeople in our organization. Mike is a gifted writer contributing a monthly column about music to an online site for over eleven years and is a natural teacher. He is truly an asset to any organization that is lucky enough to engage his services. I highly recommend him.
Jim McGinty, Former Vice Chairman, Cambridge Information Group
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