Conference and Event Planning

A Trade Show can be a successful event when properly planned. To be successful however, requires careful planning by both the company and the sales staff. Mike Gruenberg can show you how to make the Trade Show an effective event by increasing sales, saving money and guaranteeing results.

Organization event management strategies
  • Help Organizations manage Vendors
  • Increase Vendor participation in events

Vendor event management strategies

  • Understand corporate goals and communication plan
  • Pre-Show Sales preparation
  • Booth Personnel Placement (sales, marketing, customer support, technical etc.)
  • Who’s going? What is each person’s role? What is the individuals’ objective? What is the show objective?
  • Rewarding salespeople at the show
  • Successful Lead development
  • Ten Rules of Trade Show Etiquette
  • Nine Methods to Increase Trade Show Sales
  • Booth design consultation
  • Attract more attendees through better design and placement
  • Creation of custom corporate Trade Show Guidebook

I have known Mike Gruenberg’s work at three different companies: OneSource, CambridgeScientific and ProQuest. Mike is an outstanding sales leader. He consistently exceeds his sales targets, developments long-lasting, productive relationships with his accounts, and, works extremely well with senior decision makers. He is hard-working, has the highest standards of integrity, and is well-liked by colleagues, his direct reports, and, customers. He is one of the very best sales leaders with whom I have worked in my professional career.

Marty Kahn, Former CEO, ProQuest
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