Product Review and Evaluation

Are your current database products meeting the expectations of your customers? Has analysis been done to determine whether or not the products most used by your customers are, in fact profitable for the company? Are there new markets to be explored? Gruenberg Consulting has successfully completed market evaluations to answer all these kinds of questions.

Review current products

  • Analysis – are current products working and are they profitable?
  • Market Testing
  • Peer and competitive review

New Products – getting market- ready

  • Are new products ready for prime time?
  • New product testing – Use multiple methodologies to assess marketplace acceptance
  • Competitor product review and comparison
Mike is the embodiment of a mature and seasoned sales executive. He has that rare ability to establish an instant rapport with colleagues and customers and he is always focused on the customer’s needs.
Simon Beale, Senior VP, John Wiley & Sons
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