Sales Force Development and Training

For salespeople and their organizations to be successful, many elements of the sales process need to be aligned. Mike Gruenberg has successfully built and managed Sales Teams on a global basis by using methods that have always produced winning results.

Helping salespeople become more efficient and productive to increase your bottom line.

Structure the elements of a sales call for maximum impact
Process Management – Turn a “suspect” to a “prospect” to a “sale”
Countering Objections – Turn objections into opportunities
Field Sales:

  • Trip planning – guarantee efficiency and cost management while increasing sales


  • Train for efficiency by better understanding the audience being contacted


  • Know your competitors and understand how to leverage that information to your advantage

Negotiating Skills

  • Understand your positioning with Libraries and Consortia


  • Learn how to develop a “coach”

Sales Tools

  • Gain advantages using

I have known Mike for over 20 years in a variety of capacities. He is the consummate professional as a sales and relationship leader for complex deals and advanced electronic products. He is always strategic and keeps the customer’s needs at the forefront while ensuring that the business needs are met. It is a rare person in our industry who does not know and respect Mike.

Stephen Abram, Executive Director of the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries
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