Sales Organization Evaluations and Reviews

Markets today are far more complex than ever before. Buying decisions are made though multiple layers of a lengthy approval process. In order to be successful, a salesperson needs to understand their clients, their prospects and the market in which they operate. The company needs to invest the time to coach their sales staffs and provide them with realistic goals, world-class products and a compensation plan that is transparent and most of all pays for performance. Gruenberg Consulting can help sales organizations meet their goals improve sales performance compensation plans and build a world-class team.

Understand your sales organization. Guidance reviewing and changing your sales organization to reflect current market requirements to increase sales and profits

  • Analyze market trends – Use that analysis to better prepare your sales force
  • Competitive analysis – You vs. Them
  • Developing realistic sales goals
  • Coaching to hire the right salespeople; evaluate current sales staff
  • Develop and implement sustainable sales models
  • Keeping salespeople current and efficient
Mike is the embodiment of a mature and seasoned sales executive. He has that rare ability to establish an instant rapport with colleagues and customers and he is always focused on the customer’s needs.
Simon Beale, Senior VP, John Wiley & Sons
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